Copenhagen on Film {Travel}

Today I wanted to share just few of my favourite shots taken back in January during a week long course learning ceramics with the lovely team at Tortus Copenhagen. All images were taken with a Rolleicord and Kodak Professional Portra 400 film.

A special thank you Eric, Tasja and Ana for sharing your knowledge (and love) for your beautiful craft! xo

Should You Consider a First Look?

A 'first look' is when a couple arranges to see each other in an intimate setting before the ceremony. It’s rather non-traditional and a very personal decision of course but in my opinion, worth contemplating! 

Here are my top 3 reasons why:

1. More time alone together

The private time together during a first look allows for a little extra time with just the two of you in those exciting moments before your whirlwind wedding day begins!

- A more relaxed atmosphere

Making the time for a first look means you’ll also be able to take the majority of your immediate family photos and couple portraits before the ceremony. After your ceremony you won’t need to rush to squeeze in all of this and can free up some time for your remaining family photos and be free to enjoy your cocktail hour at a slower pace. Perfect!

- Plenty of time for photos

A first look allows us to capture more couple portraits before and after your ceremony. If your schedule runs behind and we have to cut the post-ceremony portrait session short before your reception begins, you’ll be relaxed knowing that we have all of the photos that we need without you feeling rushed.

Did you do a first look at your wedding, or are you considering planning one? I'd love to hear your thoughts! xo

Ireland on Film {Travel}

Last October E and I headed to Ireland for the first time to celebrate my birthday in the beautiful Ring of Kerry. I'd heard so many good things about the Irish countryside and so we decided to check it out for ourselves! I love taking my film camera on personal trips and today I thought I'd share a few of my favourite frames with your from our lovely little weekend away xo

All images were shot on a Rolleicord with Kodak Portra 400 film.