In the Studio with Simone

I met the wonderful Simone of Winterwares around this time last year while I was back in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. We share a dear mutual friend, Dale, and so decided to meet.

Needless to say it was as though we had known one another for years! Simone and I spent a few lovely hours together as I photographed her at work in her beautiful backyard studio amongst her stunning handmade wares. We drank tea and chatted about our common desire to slow down and embrace a slower pace of life - to ensure that we take the time to create, live and connect more mindfully. She shared with me the story of her personal journey to becoming a ceramicist and how learning pottery played such a role in her healing after a breakdown.

Since we met last December Simone has moved into a bigger space in Fremantle and now offers workshops for those looking to learn more about the healing powers of clay. I love Simone's heartfelt approach to her business and life. She has inspired me to sign up for a ceramics course in Copenhagen in the new year - I can't wait. I've wanted to try my hand at clay for sometime now and who knows what will come of it (other than one or two awkward looking vases for our apartment, no doubt). 

A special thank you to Simone for having me xo