Tulipina Workshop

If it wasn't already obvious from my Instagram, I am a lover of all things floral. I'm lucky to live in a city where there are so many beautiful florists to admire (and photograph) on a daily basis. Fresh flowers are a must in our little apartment but I have to say that my creative skills have never really seemed to stretch to floral arranging. When I discovered that Kiana Underwood - the owner of Tulipina, a boutique floral design studio located in San Francisco - would be holding a workshop while I was in California last spring, I knew that it was meant to be! After an early morning start drooling over the abundance of flowers at the SF Flower Mart we headed back to Potrero Hill to start our masterpieces (with a lot of help from Kiana of course!). I decided to embrace my Australian roots and incorporate a few native elements such as a king protea, gumnuts, eucalyptus leaves and a long time favourite, lavender. Add a few single stem ranunculus, minuature berries (seriously cute!), some strategically placed purple pom-poms (better known as alliums) and before we knew it our beautiful floral sculptures were taking shape. I can't wait to get my hands on several bunches of peonies this coming spring to put my new styling skills to the test! xo