Rottnest Island

It's official. Rottnest Island (known as Wadjemup to the local Noongar people) is possibly my favourite place on earth. About half an hour by ferry from Perth, Western Australia, it is home to some of the most pristine bays in the world. I spent a few days there back in December, hired myself an electric bike (so worth it to tackle those hills in the heat!) and set off to explore some incredible beaches, bushland and salt lakes. The water was absolutely freezing but when it's crystal clear and you have a beach all to yourself, how can you not resist taking an icy dip (albeit a quick one!) to cool down? Some of the island's cutest residents are quokkas - possibly the most adorable marsupials you ever did see. My family and I used to go to ‘Rotto’ on holiday together when we lived in Perth in the 90's and I plan on bringing my own family back here one day, too. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in WA!